About Us

Savage Farms CBD is a Western Massachusetts company dedicated to providing premium CBD products to its customers while simultaneously helping worthy charities in pursuit of their missions. Our CBD is derived from fully certified, organic hemp grown in the beautiful Deerfield River Valley of Western Massachusetts by Savage Farms, a licensed grower, producer, and harvester. We offer both full spectrum as well as THC Free products. Our full spectrum products contain all the pure elements and nutrients of the Sativa hemp plant including less than .3% THC. Our THC Free products also contain all the pure elements and nutrients of the Sativa hemp plant without the psychoactive portion (THC). All our CBD products are third party tested for potency and purity.

At Savage Farms CBD, we are committed to producing high quality, premium CBD products to help our clients with their general well-being. We are also committed to assisting others in need and helping others reach goals that may have otherwise been unattainable without the generosity of others.

Here is a great way for you to “help others”. With each single item that is purchased we will simultaneously donate a portion of the purchase price to one of our participating Charities of your choice. For example, with any one single tincture purchase, $20.00 will go to the Charity you choose. With any one single chewable purchase, $10.00 will go to your Charity of choice. Our participating Charities include Western Mass Food Bank and The United Arc and NEHSA-New England Healing Sports Association.

So, please join us. Let us help you and you in turn, can and will help others.

Thank you for shopping with us~


The Savage Farms CBD Team